Baseball and Bat

2023 Offerings

Following Robert's graduation from his PhD program, which laid the foundation for YAX, we will go full time with our programs in 2023. The full slate of our proposed classes and their value is listed below. We are seeking corporate, community, and individual sponsors to back these programs and make it possible to expand the reach and influence of this uniquely valuable programming. We have people with and affected by PD from all over the world ready to engage, learn and be transformed by this dynamic, clinically-tested program. Thank you for your help.

OUR GOAL: $185,000 by January 2023. 

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GRAND SLAM sponsorship: DAY ONE

$32,000 - Sponsors an entire class (16 participants) for 16 weeks, one 90 minute session/week.


HOME RUN sponsorship: YAX

$6000 - Sponsors 16 individuals for an entire Yes … And eXercise Curriculum Class, 6 weeks, two one hour classes/week (total of 12 sessions).


TRIPLE sponsorship: DAY ONE

$2000 - sponsors a single individual for 16 weeks, one 90 minute session/week

DOUBLE sponsorship:  YAX

$500 - sponsors a single individual for Yes … And eXercise Curriculum Class, six weeks, two one hour classes/week (total of 12 sessions)

SINGLE sponsorship: Jam for Joy

$20 for a one-time, single Jam for Joy participant

MANAGER’S SPECIAL - Jam for Joy group

$320 - you and up to 15 of your friends and family can have a personalized, online Jam for Joy. The Jam is a fun way to introduce improvisation to people who have never played before and perhaps thought it wasn't for them. Improv is for everyone. We make it simple, fun, enjoyable, and will have 


Improvisation and storytelling are remarkably flexible and adaptive to individuals and groups needs. I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to expand our offerings. Let's connect.